Friday, 17 February 2012


This 'shout out' (hey, the Pulp Citizen likes to 'keep it real' after all, ;p ) is to Donogh McCarthy who has signed up as the 99th Follower, and whose blog can be found here (I have signed up to the blog, and don't be fooled by the title this is a broad church blog in many respects - a 'good thing' as ever!). So thanks again to Donogh McCarthy for signing up, and I look forwards to seeing what posts he makes as they are thrown onto my 'Blogs I Enjoy' list.

I have also had over 25,000 hits, which is a pretty nice in of itself. So thanks everyone.


  1. Thanks for the welcome!
    While most of my recent stuff is modern, if you go back a little while or just click here you can see my Pulp stuff.

  2. I had seen that - dinos vs. USMC what isn't to like.

    Not very knowledgeable on historicals uniforms, but I guess early 20th century or maybe inter-war era USMC?

  3. Re. Marine uniforms - they were virtually unchanged between WWI and the inter-war period. I think they'll do for earlier conflicts like the Spanish-American War as well.


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