Friday, 17 February 2012

Re-purposing Resources

Just a few ideas of using Resources bundled with one mini with another.

Soul Trap
(comes with Mourn)
Consider giving this to a heavy hitter like Supreme Zed; use Supreme Zed to target a model you don't want to see get back up (maybe if you have chosen the Revenge Agenda), perhaps backed up with Path of Destiny to stack the odds in your favour. Useful if facing a Team with healers backing up First Aid Kit etc.

Weapons Crate
(comes with Dr. Red & Howler)
Don't overlook that Gentleman can join a Team that has a majority of ARC members and then benefits from the Weapon Crate Resource.

Silencer Gun
(comes with Twilight)
Making a mainly Coven Team? What about taking Gentleman in lieu of Twilight? Take the Silencer Gun and he can Lurk from Round 1 and benefit every following Round without any further upkeep until it fails, while moving and still shooting with the Silencer Gun, which won't undo Lurk! Add in Flash Grenade for a roving sneaky gun-guy.


  1. Variety is the spice of gaming-life. I think I know that biker guy with the machine pistol!

    1. Personally? LOL.

      That is from my main gaming buddy's collection; he turns out as a 'Hired gun' from time to time, and Hired guns are pretty nifty with Gentleman.

  2. Not tried it yet but been told the Astral Rose is good on others instead of Blood Rose

    1. Indeed re: Astral Rose - spreads the Healing options around which IMHO is a 'good thing' (may save that for a follow up post!).

    2. I keep meaning to try it out on Red Riding Hoodoo or Moonchild

    3. I have used it with Moonchild (but don't forget Moon Coyote can't use it..) and Sgt. Bale, and have been happy with it so far.


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