Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Back to back 'welcome' posts? Aye carumba and thank you very much folks!

This time a big thank you to jgelder1 who has joined within the past couple of days. Another hobbyist of broad tastes I would guess - there seem to be many of us about don't there?

I know that eschewing historical minis in my younger days, tabletop gaming and minis painting was dominated by one company alone, GW. Stepping away from the minis hobby for 5-6 years was refreshing for when I returned. Cut to around 11-12 years after returning to the minis hobby and I have discovered so many low model-count skirmish games that I enjoy, that in some ways I think this is perhaps the greatest time to be a hobbyist with interests in the fantastical and non-historical, with so many high quality ranges covering so many genres and cross-genre tastes, as well as global accessibility. And those historical guys are pretty well served too, let us be fair!

So meanderings aside, once again a huge 'welcome aboard' goes out to jgelder1 for signing up - thanks very much.


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