Thursday, 9 February 2012

Perun & Tritonious (Mini Team)

An odd one this one, and not an all-vanquishing combo, but potentially of interest tactically.

Tritonious is able to offer some Water manipulating Actions of use in combo with Perun. Use Tidal to draw Water Supremes and Minions such as Perun towards the marked point. While against enemy models this is useful to disrupt movement and attack angles, for Perun it may work to shift him to a preferred position without using precious AP (for example win a Round when using Stormcaller).

Also consider using Ebb Flow* to add to Perun's safety; stack with Perun's own Static Shield and Perun becomnes very hard to take down since he will be Immune/Strength attacks, have Trump on Spirit play at Agility 5 for the Round and still be able to Movement Action (the range of the Ebb Flow* Aura permitting) and Stormcaller (or Lightning Bolt or Jolt* if Stormcaller has been used). Basically a defensive tactic and therefore useful for holding objectives or table quarters.


  1. Beautiful paintjobs on those two. I think I like Perun a little more.

  2. Cheers. There was absolutely, positively, utterly no colour scheme influence from a certain 'marvellous' Norse god of thunder... ;)

  3. Used these 2 together recently and WOW!
    Tritonious kicked arse with the support of Perun.


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