Sunday, 5 February 2012

Stalker (Version 2)

I have of course painted one Stalker already, that one done in a kind of black jaguar scheme. Thinking that it would be cool to do another, so that the opposing aspects of Solar/Avatar of the Jaguar could each have a companion, I thought the obvious thing to do was a white-furred variation. Who knows - maybe I will do a more 'naturalistic' one eventually?

This has been finished for a week or two now (I think), but was awaiting time to actually photograph it. Click on the pictures as usual to make them bigger.

I am quite pleased with how it turned out, and at least I managed to get something painted in January amid the disruption of my night shifts.

I wish I could claim credit for the basing idea, using the mail box (by Megaminis I think), but I shamelessly stole it from another Pulp City fan; Tea Urn from Gog Online is the painter who deserves all credit (link here), and a great idea it was in my opinion - kudos to Tea Urn.


  1. Wow, that is a beautiful mini. I love the paintjob. I've never been able to shade white anywhere near so nicely. The use of the mailbox on the base is brilliant, really brings that mini to life.

  2. Cheers Luckyjoe (love the zombie town stuff BTW!); the white was simply done with a few different shades of pale grey from Vallejo, using a bluish-grey tone for the base coat, and slightly brown-ish pale greys for the shading, with a near white for mixing in the highlights.

    As posted, I can't take credit for the mail box (Tea Urn deserves that honour).

  3. Cheers for the nod citizen, glad the mailbox worked out for you, really places the figure in its environment.

    I'll also echo Joe's comments on the white, very nicely shaded and great idea for the whole "yin-yang" thing on the colours.


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