Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sgt. Bale Extreme (3)

Recently Varagon of the Pulp City Forum has organised a 'mini exchange', whereby participants all paint a mini for another participant.

I drew Beermonkey (a.k.a. my partner in crime Devon; we both help out with the Games Development side of things for Pulp City).

With the recent website and store access problems I was faced with the issue that I did not have any spares around of minis he does not have, so I wanted something special. After mulling it over for a few days, I remembered the Sgt. Bale Extreme conversion I began a couple of years ago (I know, I know...). So after more than 2 years, progress has started!

March 18th is the deadline for completion, which should be okay (famous last words...), so hopefully I will update the blog periodically with progress.


  1. He is looking pretty good.

    Best of luck with the challenge!!

  2. Very cool. Beermonkey is going to geta great min.


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