Sunday, 15 August 2010

Meanwhile: Pulp City Game Guide

This image was recently shown on the Pulp City Forum as the cover for the upcoming printed Game Guide. I am one of those gamers that prefers to have a printed rule-book to an electronic version. I guess over the transition of a generation of hobbyists we will see greater favour emerge for pdf rule-books, but some Luddites like me still like to have a book to read and pore over. Add in the new book smell (yep, I like that particular odour) and the tactile element of holding a book and turning pages, and it is my preferred medium for game rules.

I am excited to see the book when it arrives, hopefully within the next 2 months. I have been a hobbyist for years, a gamer first and modeller/painter second in general. There have been ranges of minis that have captivated my attention to a greater or lesser degree since I began to step away from my position whereby my hobby was GW-centric. However, Pulp City is the single range that has grabbed me most for it's breadth and quality, which is why I embarked on my Pulp City Painting Challenge (currently at 46 painted minis of 73 possibilities).

Participating to a small extent in the development of the rules has been rewarding. But that is not the reason why I look forwards to getting that rulebook. Talking previously with Maciej, he recognises that for many hobbyists having a printed book 'validates' a game/range. That is something I recognise, but more than that, with the production values that I see in the Pulp City stuff and the regularity of new products, I have a sense of this being a game I can choose to invest in both as customer and hobbyist and know that it will continue to build - which is just the kind of thing I want at this stage of my hobby life.

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  1. Can't wait to get my hands on the hardcopy.

    Just these previews have people talking about Pulp City again.


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