Monday, 9 August 2010

Mini Update

Still no new modem, so still using the reconstructed old PC to go on-line.

On the upside; yesterday I reclaimed my painting area from all of the boxes that the new desktop came in, so hopefully those Necro GI's will see conclusion soon.

Even better - I have been able to see some of the pages of the upcoming Pulp City Guide - the rules section at least. It looks great to my eye, and I can't wait to get my hands on the real thing - that will hopefully be next month. I understand that visitors to Gencon will have had access to a similar preview. The Guide will be out as a hard cover book, and I understand the plan remains that the rules content (sans background/'fluff') will be still available as a free download for players. Best of both worlds in those options in my view.

Lastly, and maybe best of all, a package arrived today all the way from Poland to the Pulp Citizen's humble abode; and the contents have re-fired my enthusiasm - metal, lots of white metal! Time to get cleaning up some brand new minis and slapping them around with the hairy sticks!

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