Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Another new Follower to this humble blog, and therefore another glad (by me) 'welcome aboard'. This one goes to Steven who joined yesterday. Thanks a lot for joining - I really appreciate it.

On the painting front: since finishing off Tritonious, I have since painted Gemini X, Gemini Y and a Hulking Grimm. The Geminis are Ulthar, a new Sub-faction of alien (E.T.) Villains. The Hulking Grimm is one of the first three Grimm minis - a strange under-dwelling culture; the Grimm can be taken as Minions or as boosting Resources. Hopefully pictures in the next few days.

That makes 49 discrete minis (51 in total) painted as part of my self-imposed Pulp City Painting Challenge; currently just 24 more to go!

I have also slapped some base colours on a few other minis, started my third (really!; I started one, grew dissatisfied and abandoned it, started another, again was not happy, stripped the first, and started re-painting that...) attempt to at Chronin, and done a small amount of extra work on Iron Train.

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