Monday, 30 August 2010

Ziterdes - Apartment & Townhouse

I have had some of these Ziterdes Apartment buildings (left) for some time, and find them very useful in my Pulp City games. I think they were originally intended for use with Heroclix, but I feel they work well on a Pulp City board, which of course means they should work equally well for pretty much any superhero and supervillain tabletop gaming, or any tabletop gaming in a late 19 th Century urban milieu onwards. They come as two products - a base and roof and an optional upper floor extension. What this means is that as many levels as desired can be added to create buildings of a suitable height.

The pre-paint isn't great, but I guess they will take paint well enough. They are constructed from a hard-foam, and they have a few defects, but nothing particularly distracting for me. The range has now had the addition of a Victorian Townhouse (see image right), which even if it was available before, is new to me at least. The Townhouse is available with a couple of different roof options, and can be stacked in the same way as the Apartment, but has a larger footprint on the tabletop.

I have ordered the Victorian Townhouse, so I think I know what to expect when this arrives. The bottom image shows a version that has had some attention with someone's hairy sticks. I hope to eventually paint up some or even all of my Apartment buildings to create some colour variations on the tabletop, and maybe the Townhouse as well.

These are not the cheapest terrain option, but I like them, and given the dearth of non-paper craft modern Western (North America and Europe esepcially) urban terrain, they are well worth a look.


  1. That looks like some very fun terrain ! Any chance of posting some pictures of them with miniatures in and around them in the future ? Maybe even a little battlereport ...

    I'm tempted to order myself but would like to see some mini's in them first. Pulp City models are 28mm are they not ?


  2. Hi Andy - I have a made a new post with pictures that should hopefully inform for a sense of scale.


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