Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Wanted: the Red Baron!

Alas, within the Pulp City range, there are three pretty rare minis: June Summers (got a couple; gave one away as a prize of course), the Herald (exclusive for Heralds as a reward for promoting the game - working on getting that one!), and the Red Baron, which was a limited release convention-only exclusive from a couple of years ago.

Now I don't have the Red Baron, and if I am to complete the Pulp City Painting Challenge that I have set for myself, then I may have to consider it incomplete if I don't obtain and paint one of those.

So a quick plea - if you have a spare unpainted one of these, and are willing to part with it, please let me know and I am prepared to offer a very good price or whatever trades I can offer, thanks.


  1. Still desperately seeking this if anyone has one they'd be willing to sell or trade.

  2. Update: I now have 2 of these, one has now been painted for a while of course!


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