Wednesday, 23 December 2009


To honour the fallen...

This is something I built as a scenic piece. The plinth and base is from a company called Grand Manner, and is cast in resin. I ordered several of these a while ago (and so there will be more statues to come), and it is from their 28mm WWII range (code WWII-28-25). The mini atop it is from Black Hat minis from their Mutants and Madmen range. Both are UK manufacturers.

The statue can be placed just as well in a 'town square' area, a section of parkland, or even in a graveyard or memorial garden.

I like my scenery functional and able to be used as widely as possible, hence there is no base other than what comes with the resin kit.

The base and plinth could easily be used for any era including modern and sci-fi I feel. I will probably do at least one more super-themed statue, possibly more, otherwise they will become sci-fi terrain pieces. A set of four appeals to me. That kind of set can be used to create nicely restricted lines of sight without resorting to masses of large scenery depending on placement.

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