Sunday, 27 December 2009


In the labels list you may notice some names. Each is one of the sculptors of the Pulp City range, including James van Schaik, Jarek Smolka, Jerzy Montwill, Jonas Deimel, Gael Goumon, Wojtek Flis, Mohand, Paul Muller, Sergio Alonso Leon, Steve Saunders, and Edgar Skomorowski. I just thought it would offer a handy resource for readers interested in such things.

31.08.2010 - added Christian Danckworth to the list of labels, having painted up one of his first Pulp City sculpts (Hulking Grimm).

09.09.2011 - Erick Redling added (with Loup Garou II), and Israel Gonzalez Mojarro (Ulthar contributions).

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