Sunday, 27 December 2009

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I hope every one who celebrates Christamas or the festive period had a good time.

No images in this post, but I just wanted to take a moment to explain something I plan to try to achieve over the next year or so. There are currently 38 or so character models (Supremes) for Pulp City, as well as sundry henchmen (Minions). There are also a couple of limited availability models. Pulp Monsters releases new miniatures at a rate of 4 roughly every two months.

I have so far painted 16 Supremes and 1 exclusive Minion (an exclusive Minion can only be used by a named character Supreme), although I want to do a new version of 1 of these. Given the rate of relase I plan to give myself a challenge - to have painted at least one version of every commonly available Supreme before the end of 2010. To do so if the rate of release stays constant I will need to paint almost 4 miniatures per month (47 over 12 months). If I include the unpainted Minions I would like to do that becomes 53 models (maybe more if additional exclusive Minions come out next year). If I further add the limited availability stuff (so far) - if I can get them - then I am looking at almost 5 miniatures per month (56 models at current estimate)! I'll post new images as photographs are taken to show how I am getting along. I'll even group the posts describing my progress, trails and presumed tribulations under an accessible label.

I have painted units and tabletop armies before - that simply requires persistance, organisation, discipline, and a lot more persistance. This time very few models will use matched colour schemes, meaning I will approach each model individually for the most part, which is more time-consuming than unit painting of course. And that does not even factor in time for side projects...

If I achieve my aim I would have painted examples of every miniature from a manufacturer range which could be the kind of deadline I need to focus my painting. It would be a first for me, and one of the few times I may ever be able to try such a thing with a moderately sized range. Feel free to check in on my progress.

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