Friday, 18 December 2009

Welcome to the Pulp Citizen

Welcome to the first post on my Pulp Citizen blog. It is my first attempt at blogging even though the medium has been around for ages of course, so to anyone who follows - please bear with me.

I hope to use the blog primarily to talk about my favourite game (Pulp City - see below), the miniatures that accompany it, and anything that tangentially relates to both my hobby and enjoyment of the game, and that others may (hopefully!) find useful or interesting. Because of that you may see from time to time comments about books, music, movies, comics, miniatures, general 'stuff', or indeed anything that may remotely link into what is probably my favourite tabletop game, or that I just generally enjoy for its own sake but may be of interest. You may notice that I am starting out in learning to photograph those wee little models from time to time, so hopefully we may see a little learning (and maybe even improvement) along the way in that area.

I expect to go on a meander through a variety of my hobbies and pass-times that you may have noted above. To anyone who starts to follow the blog, I welcome you aboard in advance, and I am going to try to commit to a weekly update at least (holidays away from home excepted of course) - let us see how I get on!

And for those that do not know, Pulp City is a tabletop miniatures game that draws a variety of influences from comics book heroes, sci-fi, horror, pulp (of course!), action movies and lots more besides. It is a fun game, easy to learn (with layers of additional complexity around individual characters), and can be played with just a handful of miniatures.

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