Friday, 18 December 2009

To get things started...Rook

This was an early photograph I took (I only started doing so a few months ago), so hopefully it shows a little of where I was before we get to where I am now. Rook is a big, bad bruiser of a Villain. The game pits Heroes versus Villains in the streets of Pulp City, and Rook is certainly one of my favourite models from the game. The model was sculpted by James van Schaik, who is rapidly becoming one of my favourite sculptors. Rook serves darker and more powerful forces than he (as he works for the Coven), and on the tabletop he does it pretty well.

Rook can spend all of his APs to go crazy with the Tremor Halberd or go defensive and protect any Supreme he is guarding. It takes some time to learn how to use him, but after that - Jason King (Rook) is the boss.

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