Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Trail doesn't have a single damage dealing Exclusive Action. His Traits on balance may be described as mediocre. Neither of those is the issue when it comes to taking him in a Hero team. He can take over enemy Supremes, bump the team's Action Pool and deceive enemies in more than one way.

I loved this mini from the moment I first glimpsed it. Why? The big cape. A big cape done well is a rare thing in my view, even in the supers miniatures genre. The Pulp City range has a couple of real contenders, and Trail is among them. James van Schaik did a tremendous sculpting job on Trail in my view.

I love the mix of spandex allusions (cape and mask) with regular clothes. I knew early on what I wanted to do colourwise, basing the palette across a spectrum of red-purple-blue which I think work nicely as a trio, while hopefully suggesting some mystery and possibly even menace through the colour selection. And yes, this is a good guy!

Trail is one of my favourite Hero models from the game, from concept and background through to sculpting. The model is a great little 'canvas' allowing for some real creativity. I have seen some very inventive versions of the model painted by other hobbyists, so maybe pop by the Pulp City forums to see some other great examples.

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