Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I'd like to welcome Molotov who has added themselves as another follower. Thanks for taking a look at the blog.

On with the blog goal (Pulp City Painting Challenge) - I have a major non-hobby event planned in March that will take up valuable painting time. That means that I probably need to get ahead with my painting in January and Febuary to accomodate that event. With full time work and other projects, the target I set sounds manageable if a little daunting. I feel it has become a little more so as that realisation struck me the other day.

I am currently working on two of the larger models in the range (Six Feet Under - hell-wracked gravedigger; Hellsmith - demonic warrior artisan), although neither is as big as Father Oak. That said, they may be more complex in other ways (lots of skin on both, trying out non-metallic metals techniques. So no quick paintjobs with those two then.


  1. Thank you, I've looked for quite a while at the Pulp City miniatures (if not the game). I really want some fo them, and when I get round to getting some I'll be able to make some strides forward with PARAGONS. Where do you purchase your Pulp City stuff from? The official site, or a British retailer?

  2. A mix of purchasing. Artemis Black has a few listed, but I don't know about how operational his online store is - the news has not been updated fro a while. I got some from Arcane Miniatures before they stopped stocking the range. As a consequence I have now resorted to buying from Pulp Monsters. They are quite pricey as figues in mnay case, but the production values are excellent.


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