Thursday, 30 December 2010

Le Murtiple

Le Murtiple was never a part of the apes in space project. A.R.C. came across him deep in the South American jungle while overthrowing one of the local dictators. And boy, Le Murtiple was not happy about it. For years he hid his special powers and intelligence, pretending to be a trophy pet creature caught in the world of the celebrity-like lifestyles of corrupted politicians and bloodshed. And he thrived, using his ability to multiply to wreak havoc and turn hotheaded machos against each other.
In the end, who would have blamed the innocent lemure?

A unique Supreme this one: three minis simultaneously representing one character. Take one or two out and Le Murtiple still has a chance of creating further copies of himself.

Le Murtiple is a saboteur par excellence; master of knives, bombs and chemical weapons in pursuit of his goals. Able to create Mirror Images of himself, if all 3 Mirror Images are in play, then enemy models caught in the area they define are better targets for Le Murtiple.

It took me a while to settle down to paint Le Murtiple, mainly because I didn't have any specific ideas for the models. Consequently I used the 'official' versions as a vague guide in terms of colour scheme. Still they are done, and I am reasonably happy with them.

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