Saturday, 18 December 2010

Pulp Citizen: Year One

For non-comic book fans, 'Year One' was an idea within comics to re-present origin stories for established heroes, tweaking and refining as needed. For my own part I am simply using the reference to highlight that this blog is one year old, and maybe mention a couple of factors that compelled me to start it.

Going back to 2009, I lost a younger brother a few short weeks before the blog started. My brother was much younger than me, but had a passing interest in the minis hobby; just not in the same way or to the same extent as myself. His death was unexpected, and I won't go into the events around his death, just to say it still affects me deeply. It made me consider the things I enjoy a little more, following that adage about life being too short (and in my brother's case tragically short as he was scant into adulthood). And of course that means my hobbies amongst other things.

I wouldn't have thought to blog however, if it wasn't for my main gaming buddy Rob; a best friend for over 25 years, and someone with a deep and shared passion for minis and minis gaming. It was his blog that inspired me to do this one, and my brother's passing that motivated to do something to enjoy myself more.

I am not certain that this blog would have have happened if it wasn't for these factors - it is hard to say. A year on however, I plan to continue and to add to it, and maybe launch a companion (I have a blog name picked out already). So for anyone here, sorry if this is a bit down-beat, I just thought I'd explain a little; hope you didn't mind.

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