Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas Madness Battle Report

It snowed last year too: I made a snowman and my brother knocked it down and I knocked my brother down and then we had tea - Dylan Thomas

My main gaming buddy (Rob) has been engaging in his 'Christmas Madness' since last year, posting all sorts of festive period Christmas-themed bloggery. That has led to this game really, no doubt - we were talking and a Christmas themed game of Pulp City seemed the only appropriate course of action! Rob's version of events can be seen here - basically our latest 'crossover' to use comic book parlance!

The streets of Pulp City can be wild at times, and this Christmas is no exception.

Following the nefarious intervention of the Mysterious Man, Santa Claus has become divided: Good Santa retains the spirit of Christmas, bringing joy to to the world and children everywhere, venturing forth from his North Pole base once again, laden with his sack brimming with elf-made toys. Bad Santa however just wants to spoil Christmas, to bring misery and fear to all from his lair in the South Pole, his sack full of all the rotten things that ruin lives.

Both Santas have learned that the fabled Snowman's Hat has landed in Pulp City; whomever can claim the prize will determine if the year ahead will be a time of Christmas cheer or festive fear.

Good Santa gathers Heroes (my Team) from across Pulp City: Kitty Cheshire, Iron Train, a mysterious street fighter in red from Little Asia, and Vigilantes:

Bad Santa gathers allies (Rob's Team) from the Villains of Pulp City: Sanguine & Draku, Guerilla, Francis Gator, Evil Toys and Evil Snowmen:

The Villains move quickly; Sanguine dashes forth with vampiric celerity to try to seize the Snowman's Hat. The Heroes are surprised by his sheer inhuman speed. Can they respond in time?

Heroes advance; A Vigilante faces Sanguine while Evil Toys and Evil Snowmen purchased from the Mysterious Man also enter the festive fray.

As more Supremes gather to battle for the spirit of Christmas, Kitty Cheshire blinks through a stationary vehicle - its startled driver shocked to see her fade through his car. She eventually uses her Walk The Otherside ability to bring Sanguine within range of her allies, although she is soon taken down for her valiant, if crazy, efforts:

Good Santa advances under the aegis of Iron Train, the Heavy Metal Hero acting as a barricade:

Sanguine is outnumbered by Iron Train, a Vigilante and the mysterious street fighter in red from Little Asia; against these odds he can but fall:

Following Sanguine's defeat, Bad Santa tries to step up to achieve his fiendish goal, aided by Evil Toys and Evil Snowmen. They too soon succumb to the Heroes might - their good hearts filled with festive cheer! Iron Train, the Vigilantes (Santas Helpers) and the mysterious street fighter in red from Little Asia battle unrelentlingly to save the spirit of Christmas:

Even Guerilla's minigun proves no match for the steadfast resilience of Iron Train - the good will out:

And in the end, the cheer you take is the cheer you make; Good Santa rescues the Snowman's Hat and good cheer is spread through all of Pulp City's boroughs and throughout the world:

Good is triumphant, but will Bad Santa return, to try and spoil Christmas in another year...?

Merry Christmas!


  1. Bad Santa would better come back, because if he doesn't a team from Creepy Corridor will hunt him down! In other words: Top stuff and I would like to see more ;-)

  2. He will be back. Plans for next year's Christmas madness (as well as Hallowe'en Madness...) will be hatched tonight!

  3. Great battle report, thanks for saving Christmas!

  4. We can but try! :)

    But remember, Bad Santa will return...

  5. What rules did you use for the Santas?

  6. Basically Gentleman (as Hero and villain respectively), but with no Resources; next year there WILL be special Good Santa and Bad Santa cards....


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