Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Forgotten (Sub-faction)

Click on image for bigger version

Over the next week or two (or however long really!), I plan to start photographing the whole painted collection in groups, starting with the various Sub-factions as they are complete so far (meaning I will aim to update these entries every so often).

Fallen gods. Bloodthirsty beasts. The Forgotten are long-lost gods returned to Earth to enact their diabolical aims.

Only two so far, both Level 2 Supremes (left to right):
  • Boreas; wind demon. Exceptional when it comes to shutting down enemy Action capablity as well as controlling battlefield areas.
  • Hellsmith; powerful warrior-smith. Excels in close combat and at short range.


  1. Beautiful paint jobs! Love the pastel coloured spirit and the red on the demon the right! Look forward to seeing more soon :)

  2. Thanks; I think Boreas (the demon bit especially) is probably the best painting I have done.

  3. I'm eager to get more Forgotten in the game.

  4. Hopefully we will see something in the next few months. :)

    They definitely need some Level 1's to help balance the Level 2's.


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