Thursday, 30 December 2010


Alien goddess of vengeance who makes it to Earth just before the next Ulthar invasion. With each fallen Ulthar and new Supreme ally gained she is closer to her goal - overthrowing the evil patriarchal empire that enslaved all of the Ulthar females.

Virgo is a special kind of Ulthar - she is a rebel and so cannot used alongside any other Ulthar. Despite that as a Hero/Villain she can be fielded in Teams from either Faction. Furthermore, when Dark Solar appears she will offer a valuable option to a Hero or villain player wanting to exploit Dark Solar's special Team Power.

With very good range and Energy Trump Trait, Virgo can fulfill a role as a kind of 'sniper', yet has Actions and Skills that aid her in Close Combat; so no 'glass hammer' here then. She won't stand up long against a dedicated brawler, but she will do a good job if used in her specialised role.

With this mini I wanted a palette that was removed from what I use for my other Ulthar. The only commonalities are the flesh colour and the basing - the base is from the same range. I thought I'd go for colours that could represent a more sneaky type of character, and in hindsight probably should have chosen a different colour for the cape, but overall I am fairly pleased with the outcome.

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