Thursday, 2 December 2010

Necroplane (Sub-faction)

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Following on from the Forgotten, the Necroplane.

Invaders from another realm, the Necroplane harvest life energy to drive their machinations forwards.

A growing collection of Supremes and Minions, they are (left to right):

  • Necro GI's (and right); unliving foot soldiers able to infect unwitting opponents who in turn become more Necro GI's - a self-sustaining army.
  • Mourn; screeching Supreme possibly empowered by a malign spirit which Mourn hosts.
  • Dr. Tenebrous; lord and master of the Necroplane; twisted scholar with designs on extracting the abundant life energy of Earth.
  • Supreme Zed; unstoppable agent of the Necroplane, Supreme Zed was a hero on another world before becoming an unliving engine of destruction.
  • Sanguine & Draku; vampiric agent of the Necroplane on Earth, Sanguine is the head of Royal Investments, but his loyalties don't always lie with the Necroplane. Draku is his vampiric canine companion - beware of the dog.

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