Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Music And The Painting Muse

I have mentioned in past posts through the year that I have hit definite painting slumps or blocks; basically times where I cannot seem to get motivated/focused/whatever enough to paint. That has certainly held up progress on my Painting Challenge, but is something that isn't unique to me alone (as I am sure many fellow hobbyists will agree).

In painting my Pulp City minis I found a 'go-to' mini to get finished quickly and get me back on track when i have hits a slump or block (good old Hulking Grimm - note to self - must buy more Grimm!).

Yesterday I managed to crank out C.O.R.E. (to be photographed soon; well soon-ish) and attendant Access point Tokens. I finished the mini to a standard I am satisfied with much faster than I thought I could, and I think one of the things was putting myself in a suitable frame of mind. Which is where the music and the muse part comes in.

I have a number of music play lists, and one of these I call Pulp City 1. Basically this was inspired by the haunting music for the Mars sequence in the Watchmen movie. That piece was by Philip Glass and led me to pick up the soundtrack that it originally featured on (Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance OST). I cobbled together my favoured tracks in my preferred order (one of which even featured as background music at my part of my wedding ceremony earlier this year), and added in some preferred tracks from The Dark Knight OST. They don't meld totally naturally, but they give me an evocative soundtrack that gets me in a superhero frame of mind, and ultimately helped out while I home in on my painting goal; basically music was my muse this time around, I reckon.

Next up: Dr. Red and Guerilla, with Pulp City play list 1 in the background.

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