Wednesday, 29 December 2010


I wake up bleary eyed this morning (long shifts feel like a killer at times), to see a new Follower added to the list. Therefore this latest 'welcome' goes out to ban-doo, who I guess is a fan of the minis hobby, and so therefore I am very glad to have them aboard.

With ban-doo joining (the 50th Follower!; well that would/could have been The Angry Lurker, but someone out there stopped Following a few months ago... :) ), I decided to check the blog stats to see if there were any obvious trends from visits. And of course there aren't, at least that I can discern. What I did discover is that some posts are far more popular than others.

Most popular was my first paper craft post. Now with over 500 unique visits it makes me wonder whether I should see if I can do some more in that area. The first part of my interview with Maciej was second most popular post on the blog (part 1 here; and part 2 here).

In third place over the year was my overview of the Shadowman Comic. In fourth place came the highest individual model post - Chimp Chi - and not by a short margin since no other mini made the top 10! The Christmas Madness Battle Report scored highly in overall placing despite being relatively new (although of course aimed at this time of year) - which is good, because Rob and me have some plans for next year!

So in all of that, do any readers have thoughts to offer as to what they would like to see in the year ahead?

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