Thursday, 16 December 2010


A second 'welcome' post today, this time going out to Smillie; it is always a pleasure as well as an honour to have anyone sign up as a Follower, so thank you to Smillie for joining the ranks. And in return i will be sure to check out Smillie's own blog (Painting Diary - here).

I note Smillie has leanings towards VBCW, but also mention pulp gaming on his(?) blog in a recent terrain post; well I am thinking of venturing out into a 'sister' blog to this one which will cover all manner of minis, including my own pulp project planned for next year.

In the mean-time I nearly have another 3 minis done, even if they only represent a single Level 1 Supreme.

1 comment:

  1. Pulp is spreading steadily amongst the wargaming community ... :-)

    Don't think I commented on your paintwork before, but I do follow the work you do and I find it inspiring. Heck, it even got me started with supers!


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