Wednesday, 8 December 2010


I have had a couple of parcels arrive with scenery this week. In that vein I thought I'd post a couple of pics for size comparison etc.

First up, trees; these will do for areas like Settlers Park and woods around the ruins of Ashville Asylum. They will do for any number of other games as well of course. I picked these up as they are not flocked so won't 'shed', and so should store and game okay. They are from Tablescape (click for link) and can be bought singly or in packs of 5. The trees are mostly painted - the underside of the foliage is unpainted, and 5 minutes with a brush and some green paint rectified that satisfactorily. The trunks screw-in and are made from plastic or resin, and the 'foliage' is made from a hard expanded foam.

Next we have a Ziterdes (click for link) Apartment. I have included two pictures ('after' and 'before') to show how it looks on arrival, and how a little painting can make it look a little nicer (hopefully!).

The painting was done with Vallejo paints; Neutral Grey (stonework), Buff (trim, roof), Field Blue (fire escape ladder, roof-hatch), Mahogany Brown (bricks) and Dark Sea Blue (windows). No shading used, since the minis should be the focal point, and the painting isn't too precise as they are mainly gaming pieces.

The Ziterdes apartment is made from a hard foam material, so is pretty durable, but apparently can be cut etc. I think they were designed for Heroclix games originally (which would account for the squares on the roof areas of the Apartment, Bank and Abandoned Factory).


  1. Is the Ziterdes apartment available? I can't see it on their website?


  2. Currently OOP I understand; apparently the moulds have problems. I have a set of base and 2 extra levels on back order and the last update I had said they would be available again around January.

  3. Thanks, I'll keep an eye on their site next month then


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