Saturday, 4 December 2010

Blood Watch (Sub-faction)

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Guardians of the rift-breach against invasion by the Necroplane, the Blood Watch are dark defenders, creatures of the night, and men and women empowered by arcane forces.

Nicely balanced so far with enough minis to make an Encounter Level 6 Team, the Blood watch offer a nice collection of archetypes.

The Blood Watch (left to right):
  • Red Riding Hoodoo; New Orleans voodoo practitioner, and mistress of ancient rituals.
  • Zombie Wolf; Hoodoo's guardian; is this Loup Garou - a former enemy - turned to serve Red Riding Hoodoo?
  • Six Feet Under; enslaved in Hellrock, the Necroplane's terrible prison, Six Feet Under is a man from another world determined to spare this Earth the same fate as his home world.
  • Sgt. Bale; ex-special ops turned arcane-empowered supernatural hunter.
  • Blood Rose; the last of her kind, the Blood Watch's healer and source of mobility - she can teleport them across the field of battle.

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