Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Another 'welcome', this one going out to Papa JJ, who signed up in the past day.As ever thanks for doing so! I note Papa JJ maintains his own blog (the excellently named diceRolla - here), and I note that among his other painting is a GW Space Marine army. Now I am no stranger to GW, or indeed Space Marines. I have 3 Space Marine armies (two in the midst of rebuilds; well they were, but those projects went on hiatus), and watching someone else's blog could be just the thing to get me to finish some of my own backlog (i.e. the re-builds, plus part-painted Space Marine army #4 and my Space Marine all-Bikes project). So thanks to Papa JJ for joining, and he can be sure I'll be watching his blogging with studious interest.

On the painting front, after finishing C.O.R.E., I struggled a little more than expected with Dr. Red, so despite hoping to finish him yesterday, alas it was not to be.

Onwards and upwards. I hope.

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