Thursday, 16 December 2010


A double dose of 'welcome' this time around, as AlexNeto and Josh Reynolds have signed up to Follow the blog. Thanks for doing so guys.

I guess that AlexNeto is an eclectic minis fan (I know that feeling), and so it is pleasing to see him sign up here; hopefully I can make it worthwhile for anyone who does so. Thanks Alex.

Josh Reynolds contributes to a number of great blogs, and he writes the It's Clobbering Time blog (which I check out regularly, and pops up in my 'Blogs I Follow' list when he has a new post). I really enjoy the blog, it offering an eclectic oeuvre of aspects of the comic book industry, its output and fandom. Great stuff. Josh is also a writer of fiction and I heartily recommend that interested parties check out his stuff.

Thanks for signing up guys - much appreciated.

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