Friday, 18 June 2010

June Summers Contest Reminder

Around 3 and a half days remaining to get entries in. Only a small number of entries so far.

If you don't enter you don't get a chance to win; so go ahead, write something down - be 'in it to win it'!

Entries should be sent to and subject marked ‘June Summers Contest’.

Contest Rules
- Prize: an unpainted June Summers miniature.
- The judging panel will judge the entries blind, and I will only be involved in case of a tie (or possibly a nominated other in my place).
- The contest is open to any member of the (Pulp Citizen) blog or Forum; entries must include blog Follower name or Forum member name. Entries without at least one of these will be disqualified and rejected - no exceptions.
- Judges are not permitted to enter the contest, and Heralds have been discouraged from entering.
- Entries should be an original text piece describing or featuring a location or non-Supreme character in Pulp City: a diner or coffee shop, haunted street corner, famous nightclub, etc...; or a non-Supreme Celebrity or person of interest: like June Summers, famous snitch, fortune teller or the like. The focus of the entry can be an existing feature or character, or something brand-new. Entries using Intellectual Property belonging to any entity other than Pulp Monsters will be disqualified and rejected. Descriptive and narrative entries are both welcome.
- Entries must be between 100 and 500 words in length, excluding a title. Any entries outside of these lengths will be penalized.
- Only one entry per person.
- In entering the contest entrants are agreeing that their entries may be published with full authority on the Pulp City Forum and/or the Pulp Citizen blog.
- Entries published outside of the contest before the results are determined will be disqualified and rejected.
- Entries should be sent to and subject marked ‘June Summers Contest’; emails without this subject will be ignored.
- I may add a runner-up prize if more entries than expected are received.
- The final deadline for entries is 23:59 GMT on June 21st. Entries received after this will be disqualified and rejected.

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