Saturday, 26 June 2010


Subject 046 appears to be highly interested and proficient with hand-held electronic games.

A long time before the shuttle crash, Virus mastered all the primitive electronic games the 80’s could muster.

Virus is really intended to be used as a partner to his companion Apebot. Since I procrastinated for a long time in finishing Apebot, that had the knock-on effect that Virus was left only undercoated for quite some time.

I wanted to step away from my usual Pulp City palette, so the green shirt made sense, with light brown/buff coloured cargo pants. What I am doing with the ARC minis is to include some black on each of them as a unifying motif (Chimp Chi has black garb; Howler a black shirt; etc).

In the end it was quite a quick paint job that I ma reasonably pleased with. That said, I don't know when i will game with him, since I only tend to use Chimp Chi if playing with an ARC, but I may try an all-ARC Team soon.

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