Sunday, 6 June 2010


As ever, I like to welcome new Followers to the blog, and this time around there are 3 new names - so a big 'welcome aboard' to Haakon, Crudeboy and William Beck.

Having a quick check and only rusty French at my disposal, I guess Haakon is a miniatures fan, and I note we have some similar interests. Similarly I recognise that Crudeboy follows many blogs that I do - underscoring that there is an audience for these things 'out there'. While W. Beck looks to be following some things Pulp City - hopefully the Pulp Citizen and the newly-founded Pulp City Planet (check it out, lots of interesting stuff, very nicely painted minis, and also great reviews of superheroes in moving picture serials through to T.V. and beyond, especially).

Thanks for joining guys, it gives me encouragement to keep posting that people do join up. I hope you can get some reward from the blog and its content for doing so, and also thanks to all the others who have come and added themselves to the list, and stuck around.

And to new and old Followers alike - don't forget the June Summers contest I started recently, the deadline is ticking by.

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