Saturday, 5 June 2010

Sentry Bots (2) - Villains

Some more Sentry Bots, this time in a colour scheme intended to complement my Villains - I don't think you can go too far wrong using purple on some nefarious Supreme or one of their Minions. The paint-jobs were fairly quickly done, much as the other Sentry Bots I painted. Nonetheless I am reasonably happy with the results.

As my collection grows, so does the need for Minions. Mysterious Man especially needs Minion models available to be able to fully utilise his abilities. Compound that with the fact that not all Supremes have exclusive Resources, and only (at present) a handful of generic Resources, then Minions are vital to spend those Resource Levels.

I am looking forwards to seeing more 'official' Minions appear in time. In the mean-time the option to use the BOOM rules to create Minions is in place, but I like that my games can make use of minis like the Sentry Bots. I just wish that along with the head and arm options, there were two bodies in the box set to maximise variety, but despite that i am pretty pleased with the results.

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