Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Mid-month Update Of Sorts

Slow painting month this month so far, with only 2 minis finished for the challenge (Apebot has been joined by his 'handler' Virus - I will photograph them on Friday I hope). And of course I have been painting markers (Tokens) for gaming purposes - I finished another 4 yesterday. That said, I started blocking out colours on June Summers (and an alternative 'counts as' mini) last night and got all of the main areas blocked out, as well as highlighting and washes on three of the main areas of the actual June Summers, so pretty quick (for me) in fading light.

Yesterday on the Pulp City Forums, Morf (the Pulp City head guy) revealed pictures of the Grimm, strange humanoid creatures dwelling beneath the city. They look great fun, and I look forwards to them being added to my painting pile. As things stand I have 11 minis left to paint (although one of those I have yet to pick up), so as I get closer to achieving my goal with the Painting Challenge the options I have about what to paint narrows also. And since I am very much led by inspiration in my painting, then it gets harder as I get closer to conclusion.

Today I should be getting a couple of Pulp City games in; I am hoping that one will turn into a battle report as Rob (as ever give his blog a glance, I really enjoy it) and me use a couple of cameras and notes to construct a record of the second game we play. There was something cool I hoped to have in time to play, but alas it/they has not arrived, but pictures when I have it/them.

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