Tuesday, 15 June 2010


This welcome goes to inrepose who has recently added Pulp Citizen to his (or her; but I guess his) blog list. As always, thanks to anyone who stops by and extra thanks go out to anyone who adds their name to the Followers list.

I guess that inrepose is a fan of eclectic tastes, and I have to admit that after years of my personally GW-centric hobby, it has been pretty liberating to look at what other stuff is available and going on.

I am a gamer first and foremost, always have been and likely always will be, but in my painting challenge I have stretched my (limited) skills in enjoyable ways. I am often dissatisfied with the outcome, but I am determined to keep trying, and I hope in some small way the blog offers at least a touch of inspiration for others.

On another note, there are just 6 days remaining for the June Summers competition (link to post here), so don't delay on my account. I want this currently hard to get mini to get into the hands of someone who hasn't got one, and this contest was intended to be a fun way to do just that.


  1. Hey Leon, I just wanted to check, with regards to the competition, that you had received my entry? Keep up the good work with the Supreme Tactics!

    As for your painting, I think it's really interesting to watch how you improve with each addition to the force!

  2. Yes your entry has been received! :)

  3. lol...Inrepose is my gaming "partner in crime" Robin. Convinced him to give pulp city a go at Salute, he got villains I got heroes :)

  4. Glad to have you both aboard Darth! :)


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