Thursday, 10 June 2010

Quick Update

I finally finished painting Apebot, but I will probably wait to photograph the mini until I have a couple of others to take pictures of; I recently tried to photograph Father Oak and Acorn together but the latter was out of focus in the pictures, so I need to try again.

I am not overly happy with how Apebot turned out. Parts of the paint job are 'okay', but the overall result is a little less than pleasing. I think that may be due to the size of the mini and the large surfaces without much detail, something I really need to work on (especially as I have ordered some SMOG 1888 models and they are big by comparison at 54mm scale; a future project then). Even though I am not overly happy with Apebot, it is a case of accepting it as 'done' for the time being.

This leaves me with currently 41 done and 13 models left to complete in my self-imposed Painting Challenge. Of those remaining, Virus, Gentleman Sniper, Iron Train and Chronin all have some paint on them. It took 9 days of this month to finish a Pulp City model, which of course was partly due to making and painting the Tokens, more of which will be on the way, so this may be a 'lean' month in the Painting Challenge.

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