Thursday, 3 June 2010


Another hearty 'welcome' goes out, this to Weird Chris. As ever when someone comes aboard, I have a quick look at their profile, their links and their blogs. This is really useful for me, and i think one of the cool things about blogging - finding a site/blog of interest that you may not have otherwise have seen.

Chris looks to be a budding writer (sounds familiar!) and a board game fan. I enjoy some board games on an irregular basis; lately my gaming group and me have been taken with 'Race For The Galaxy' which features some great little game-play elements. I picked up the second supplement (Rebel vs. Imperium) last week and hope to have a couple of games of RFTG tonight. I also love Power Grid (a near-perfect board game in my view), and my group has gone through phases with Settlers of Catan, Zombies!!!, Munchkin (not a board game, I know), and much more.

There haven't been too many supers board games over the years outside of the licensed ones, but I have been looking at Super Powers from Joe Magic Games. I may pick it up soon, but if anyone has any experience with that or games like Heroes Incorporated, please feel free to comment on your opinions.


  1. Hi, thanks for the shout out and for joining Unboxed. I haven't started playing Pulp City yet (waiting on the restock) but when I do I'll probably do some painting guides on my Hobby Blog: and join the Pulp City forum.

    As for Super Hero board games, there was Marvel Heroes: which I've heard mixed things about and I think may now be out of print.

    Anyway thanks for the shout out and I look forward to seeing more of your denizens of Pulp City.


  2. Thanks Chris, glad to koin Unboxed and I look forwards to your wednesday reviews.

    I will join in on the hobby blog as well - thanks for the link.


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