Tuesday, 19 January 2010


One of the cool things about the Pulp City game in my opinion, is that the rules are very accessible - they are available for free as download, and I understand that they will remain so even when the printed rulebook emerges (presumably sans fluff and hobby materials that the printed book will have).

In this there have been efforts in the past few months to develop a set of rules allowing creation of Minions (henchmen resources basically), called BOOM from 'Build Our Own Minions'.

The BOOM rules are still undergoing development, the process of which is open to feedback and thoughts from interested gamers. Check out early and later posts in this thread in particular from the Pulp City forum/message board (the thread as a whole is worth a read, if only to mine for ideas).

You may have noticed that I have created game-stats for some BOOM resources, which of course may need adjusting as things progress, which is no bad thing - as it means the voices of those willing to get involved can be heard, which feels pretty good to this gamer. That more companies are listening to their consumers in terms of game play, using communication technology to their advantage in getting feedback (message boards for example) shows a commitment in my mind that not all such manufacturers recognise as being necessary. I think some larger companies could learn from smaller companies like Pulp Monsters, as well as the not-so-small entities employing such approaches.

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