Sunday, 31 January 2010

January Painting Summary

Well, I launched into my Pulp City Painting Challenge last month, and this was the first full month of the challenge, a month in which I hoped to paint at least 5 miniatures.

I managed just 3. And one of those wasn't from scratch, but a finishing job of something started months ago. Not as successful as hoped then.

This month I painted:
- Xenobi
- Howler
- Ace of Wraiths

I was happy to get Xenobi done; pleased with how Howler turned out; not so pleased with Ace of Wraiths (yet to be photographed, I hope to take some pictures of Ace and another miniature yet to be photographed for the blog - Solar - when my next day off comes around).

I am still determined to press on with the challenge to help me get my minis finished. Hopefully February will be more successful.

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