Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ready-to-play Shipping Containers

I ordered these ISO shipping container models from TableScape recently. They come in a pack of three and are ready-painted, which is a good thing for gamers like me with limited time for various activities. The packs come with all three colours of containers as standard. I only bought one pack initially as I didn't have any concept of scale or size, so I have included an image alongside a couple of minis to give some reference.

Having handled them they need a little paint touch up, but that will be just a few minutes work, so on balance I am pleased with the purchase, and will buy more. They are made from some kind of foam I think, so are very light-weight. Dimensions are 112mm (w) 52mm (h) 50mm (d).

In games I can foresee them serving two purposes, both to block line of sight as well as being something to throw around the battlefield. I can imagine them around a docks area, or around a warehouse or factory.


  1. Those are pretty good. I was just planning to pick up a couple more of the AT-43 crates, but these might be a welcome alternative.

  2. Cool. I don't know what their international shipping is like or if they have overseas stockists.

    Just out of interest is the info on dimensions for (some of) the scenic pieces I've shown of any use, ie should I continue that?

  3. Echoing what cheetahmaster said, I was trying to find somewhere that sold the AT-43 crates on their own, but they look awesome too. Not bad for pre-paints either, I wonder how they match up with the Rackham ones? I think it's various video games and chases through dockside container stacks that has made me want some of these on the games table :)

  4. Hi Chris: if you have any of the Rackham ones you could measure them - I have given the dimensions of the Tablescape ones in the post above.


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