Tuesday, 12 January 2010

More Street Furniture/Scenery

Here are a few painted up example of stuff I use in games which can be picked up and thrown as well as being used as cover. There are also links to sellers.

This dumpster is from Old Crow Models as part of the Ainsty range that Old Crow acquired. It isn't currently listed in the catalogue, but you can always contact Old Crow by email and Jez should reply within a couple of working days. For those who may be curious, the dimensions are (h) 36mm (w) 40mm (d) 28mm.

These vending machines are also Old Crow/Ainsty, under the Vacant Lot section (codes 5922 and 5923). I didn't trust myself to do freehand logos so they are a little blank for the time being.

It may not be apparent immediately, but the green fronted machine is bow-fronted (2 in a pack, code 5923); (h) 32mm (w) 19mm (d) 13mm. The other two - red and blue - are flat-fronted (2 in a pack, code 5922); (h) 33mm (w) 19mm (d) 15mm. The Old Crow stuff is generally well cast with often little cleaning of mould lines etc, so I am always happy to buy from them.

These crates are just simple resin pieces (with separate lids for the larger ones) from Atenociti's Workshop, an online retailer focused on offering all sorts of scenery bits. The crates may look old fashioned for an 80's set game, but they offer something quick and easy to both place on the table for a modicum of cover as well as improvised missiles for Supremes able to throw stuff around. The small crates are (h) 14mm (w) 14mm (d) 14mm, the large are (h) 19mm (w) 20mm (d) 20mm. There is no detailing on one facing (the 'bottom').

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