Saturday, 16 January 2010

High Tech Assassin - Minion

I picked this model up a while ago and painted it probably last year or the year before. It was rebased (for the better - trust me) after I started looking at broadening my options to make use of the BOOM rules for creating Minions in Pulp City games.

The model is a Yu Jing Ninja from the Infinity game and range by Corvus Belli. I don't play Infinity, but have heard good things about it. All the Infinity minis I have picked up have been for other games, so this was always intended by me for use in contemporary superhero games. The model has gone by the codename Manticore when used previously. It also forms the basis of a conversion I have built and am waiting to finish painting.

High Tech Ninja

Level 2 Brawler
Damage: 3

Abilities and Skills:
Deadly Rush, Blend 2, Hurl Weapon, Solo, Skilled, Surprise Stab, Under Strength

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