Thursday, 28 January 2010

Salute 2010

The Pulp Citizen will be attending Salute 2010 with his main gaming buddy (Rob), the first time we have attended this UK show.

Both of us have been miniatures hobbyists for many years, primarily around Games Workshop, but for various reasons both of us are moving away from a GW-centric hobby. Going to Salute seems to me a natural reflection of that. Last year we attended the Games Expo 2009 in Birmingham (UK) for the first time, which we enjoyed a lot, especially talking to some miniatures manufacturers such as Mark Copplestone (if he follows through with his expressed plans to some do supers miniatures the Pulp Citizen would be very pleased - more Minion models please!).

If we get to have a day like that, meeting more manufacturers and checking out their wares we will be very happy, I am sure. More importantly I am hoping that Pulp Monsters will have a presence at Salute 2010, showing off Pulp City. If they do I will try and help out, while stalking around other minis makers' stands to see what they have on show. I'll try and post if and when Pulp Monsters confirm their attendance. I am looking forwards to this show a lot.

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