Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Blood Rose

Blood Rose is an alien from a collapsed astral reality, that has hidden amongst the humans for a couple of centuries.

Sculpted by James van Schaik, Blood Rose is the Blood Watch's healer and teleporter, and she brings many intriguing options to the battlefield. In this regard she very much occupies a slot on a team as a 'Support' model. In this regard there are no official designations as such, but rather most Supremes can be categorised as Brawler (close combat), Blaster (ranged attack) and support (healing and boosting/buffing other models). Of course some models transcend such categorisation, straddling more than one area of expertise, but it is a potentially useful tool to look at team construction. In Blood Rose's case she is very support-focused, which means she opens up some devastating tactics. Combine her with Trail and Six Feet Under to land the latter amid the enemy (having been already buffed by Trail's actions) and possibly able to take down a foe in one round. Not my tactic, but potentially very destructive, so kudos to the mastermind who came up with it.

As for painting Blood Rose, I found the mini really hard to tackle, more so than I originally expected. As a consequence I am not satisfied with the robes and especially the roses, and so will certainly want to do another at some point. I realise I am saying that a lot, and that may be the theme for my personal challenge in 2011...

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